Woohoo for w00tonomy!

So there I was feeling smug at the headway I’ve been making in the web world.

The blog has now been running for almost four months and could easily have been the limit of my online adventure.

But hey, I got a taste for it, so in the past week I’ve learned how to rip video content from the web and use Windows Movie Maker effectively. I’ve also successfully uploaded a debut video to YouTube and used Instant Messaging for the first time. During a two hour online tutorial, I even gave myself a crash course in Technorati and discovered  how to set up private and public groups on social networking sites.

Journalistically I encouraged the staff at Deadline Press & Picture Agency to take a first, tentative step into video journalism by shooting digital video footage on a story, alongside the more traditional words and pictures offering. Only a Windows Vista driver problem prevented that exercise from being completed (and that will be one less problem to worry about next time).

Meanwhiile I’m Linkedin, Facebooked up and tag-surf-tastic. Phew…

But I’m still miles behind, as an email this evening served to remind me. It was from the fully paid up web guru Stewart Kirkpatrick, a man miles ahead of his time (and certainly miles ahead of most of Scotland’s journalists) when it comes to all things techie. He made his name at The Scotsman, where he and his team worked wonders and turned its website into one of the best rated news sites in the world – while operating on a shoestring.

Since moving out of papers he’s been working on all sorts of web-related projects. But more importantly, he’s been busy secretly setting up  his own company along with two fellow experts . Even the name of their new venture – w00tonomy – is firmly rooted in Web 2.0 terminology, culled  from Wikipedia.

Check the site, cos it’s a highly amusing read – and completely and utterly accessible. And best of all is this: Stewart and his colleagues remain convinced by the power of quality content as a fundamental driving force of the web. Which may not in itself be the salvation of the media as we currently know it – but is at least a glimmer of hope that all those predictions about the total collapse of journalism may be just a tad premature.

Whatever happens I’d like to be among the many to wish the Three Amigos a very large measure of success.

I’d also like to point out highlight of this section from Sterwart’s email:

This has entailed writing my first ever press release, something I did not enjoy – probably because I’ve chucked thousands in the bin over the years. Enjoy it (and my discomfiture) here: http://w00tonomy.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/w00tonomy-and-scotlands-digital-deficit/

Maybe I’m not so far behind after all. You, see I’ve already had thousands of my press releases chucked in the bin!


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