I give you the worst named couple in Scotland (Phani Tikkalah, eat your heart out)

Gawd bless that Phani Tikkalah. Ever since Gordon Tait at the Scottish Sun forwarded me the picture of the unfortunately named Asian chap, this blog’s enjoyed something of a boost in figures. If you haven’t seen the Phani post yet, you can catch it by clicking here – worth it for the comments if nothing else.

In that post I also had a juvenile guffaw at the expense of Gail Stepo from Fife Council Press Office. I don’t know Gail, so was mightily relieved when she turned out to be a top sport and entered into the spirit of things. During a subsequent email exchange she even sent me this message:

Being the gstepo is far better than being Phanni Tikhala and also much better than a name my mate Matthew Fitt came up with . He once met a lady down in England called Fanny Wyper. Give me the jackboots any day.

I was intrigued – nay horrified – to think that there could be a Fanny Wyper trudging through life miserably blighted by a moniker of such ill-conceived intent, whether marital or parental.

So, it was over to those intrepid newshounds on Deadline Press & Picture Agency to ask if they could track down Ms Wyper. Those of you who know Deadline news editor Brian Lewis will be totally unsurprised to learn that he couldn’t find Fanny for love nor money. However, he did suggest that we should try to find out if Fanny was a derivative of some other name.

A quick Google check and we hit paydirt. While Fanny was once a popular name in its own right, it is also an abbreviated version of both Frances and Stephanie. Cooking by gas, it was back to the search tools and this time we struck the mother lode. Not in England – but in the heart of Glasgow.

At last we found our Fanny (actually Stephanie) Wyper – but she shares here home with the equally unfortunately named Willie Wyper.

So there you have it, in the heart of upmarket Bearsden , I give you the most carelessly named twosome in Scotland – Fanny and Willie Wyper.

Pure genius.


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