Wife killer Nat gets monstered by five feet nothing of crime reporter Jane

Always happy to celebrate the finer points of Scottish journalism, here at BAWARAO (that’s Black And White And Read All Over, by the way!).

Previously that was getting all misty eyed by posting pics of my old sparring partner Stephen Rafferty doing what he did best – making life unpleasant for sleazebags and scumballs. In the case of these photos that’s serial violent pervert and fatasist John Cronin and some manipulative teacher accused of taking advantage of a young female pupil.

Maybe this is about to become something of an occasional series – since photies of another reporter on doorstep duties have fallen into my possession. This time it’s cowardly wife killer Nat Fraser getting a monstering. Fittingly, the photos show him getting it tight from Jane Hamilton, who’s all of 5ft with a fighting weight of  about seven stone – which means big man Fraser was probably tempted to phone some scary and violent mate of his to come and “get rid of her”.

Jane and NatJane and Nat 2

I first met Jane when she was crime reporter at the Evening News in Edinburgh, though she is now plying her trade at The Sun. These pics come from her time at the Sunday Mail. Fraser had just been released from prison on appeal and Jane was dispatched to Elgin, her ears ringing with the words every reporter dreads hearing: “Don’t come back with nothing!”

During an eventful day Jane and photographer colleague Alan Simpson (now her husband) were involved in an 80-mile harum scarum drive round every hairpin bend, country road and dirt track in Morayshire when Fraser and a pal tried to give them the slip. By the time they finally cornered Fraser, specific instruction had reached Jane from her newsdesk colleagues. The editor wanted just one questioned asked of Nat Fraser: “Did you kill Arlene?”

Initially she thought this a dumb question and tells me: “How was I going to get Nat Fraser to confess all which the best prosecutors and police officers in the country failed to do? You’re having a fe*kin giraffe.”

 However, she duly posed the question and Fraser, who by all accounts fancies himself as a bit of a smoothie, just wasn’t prepared for such a direct approach. When the question came he was left red, fasced stuttering and could only reply: “You are joking? Don’t be sooooooo rude.” Jane’s enjoyment of the moment was shortlived. The whole episode was caught on camera and the editor decided to splash with the photo. Which meant Jane’s picture in half a million papers – and she hadn’t even done her hair.

She doesn’t mince her words and I got this reply when I asked her is she thinks whether Nat killed his wife: ” Does a bear sh*t in the woods?”

(PS – any other pics showing members of Her Majesty’s press on manouevres and bothering the reckless, feckless and neckless will be gratefully received.)


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