Hapless Geoff dropped a bollock as soon as he hooked up with this harpy.

This cringe-inducing story (below) has been doing the rounds on email since appearing on the BBC story.


Look around your office. Chances are you’ll see male colleague checking his email, then wincing and crossing his legs.

After manually removing one of her ex boyfriend’s testicles in a fit of pique, jilted Amanda Monti was hauled in to court, where she bleated: “This has caused much anguish to me and will do for the rest of my life.”

Aw diddums. I wonder how much anguish it caused to victim Geoffrey Jones? I doubt he’ll ever sleep properly again after a trauma like that. And he’s always going to be know as Geoff Jones who lost one of his stones.

Thank god it was a bloke on the bench at Liverpool Crown Court. Judge Charles James sentenced this harpy to two and half years.

I fear a female judge would have ordered  community service – probably sending Monti to provide an unnerving welcome to patients a the local vasectomy clinic.


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