Frugal Paul amasses a million dollar fortune, despite earning little more than minimum wage.

You’ve got to love this story (click here) about modest Paul Navone, who worked for 62 years withour ever earning more than eleven bucks an hour – yet managed to amass a fortune worth more than a million dollars. 

Canny Paul was said to be frugal with his money, and also careful and wise in equal measures over how he invested his hard-earned cash. He also insists: “I never denied myself anything.” Which is reassuring to know.

This story cheered me up no end while surfing the net, not least because every other article, blog, research piece or opinion column I read was abouot the terminal decline of the news industry.

Why this makes me so happy is because my business partner, Raymond Notarangelo, is renowned for being tight, er, careful when it comes to matters financial.

If we can somehow ally his, ahhh, judicious spending habits with some insider trading tips, then we should be sorted for earning a fortune.

Only problem I can see is that if I have to work for 62 years to get there, I won’t be allowed to enjoy the fruits of my labour until I’m 81.


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