Interest Rates cut again – but only according to the Evening News

Laughing ChancellorIn newspaper terms, if you’re going to drop a clanger, you may as well make it a good one – that way at least the roasting from the editor is worth it.

So hats off to the Evening News for this howler:–

Of course, poor old Michael Blackley, the reporter,  will probably be the person most readers point the finger at , since it’s his name on the byline.

However, I suspect this is more likely to have been a cock-up by the news desk and the backbench (where the backroom production journalists put the paper together).

As a couple of sharp-eyed readers point out in the comments section, it looks like the paper has had two separate versions of the story ready to go – and used the wrong one.

Then again, Alistair Darling is a good old Edinburgh boy – so maybe someone at the Evening News has got a hotline to the Chancellor and has beeng getting some valuable insider information.

If so, I wonder if they press the impressvely eyebrowed Treasury chief to strongarm the Bank of England into dropping interest rates back below 5%. My wallet would be eternally grateful


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