Greig doesn’t know if he’s dot.coming or going as business7 forums go live

Anybody lucky enough to know Greig Cameron well already fully appreciates that he is a top operator – having done successful stints as news editor of Deadline Press & Picture Agency and been involved in the launch of Record PM.

More recently he made the move into business reporting and is now carving himself an impressive reputation with the weekly business paper, business7.

It’s no doubt been a hectic couple of weeks for Greig and colleagues, who have been busy setting up the newspaper’s new online forums – a big job when you’ve also got to fill the paper every week.

Even the scarily efficient and well-organised Greig must have wondered if he was coming or going in the past month or two.

Being the quietly inscrutable type, you can never tell what Mr Cameron is thinking – but I think it is safe to imaging that he’ll be well pleased the web project has gone live today, on

Moderating reader comments will be the next handful keeping Greig busy – I’m already looking forward to hearing the best of the unprintable comments that DON’T make it on to the site.



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