Lianne Gutcher’s dispatch from the front – while partying Afghan style

Not so long ago I posted on the lovey Lianne Gutcher who, having carved herself a reputation as a business writer par excellence, decided to jack in the world of finance to do something far more worthwhile (see previous post here).

Now that she’s arrived to do good works in troubled Afghanistan, one of her new colleagues with the media team of International Security Assistance Force Googled her name to find out more about her – and up popped my message.

All of which means that even in dusty, dangerous, downtown Kabul, Lianne managed to catch up with what I’d written.

Luckily for me she was pleased – and has repaid the favour with this blog’s first dispatch from the frontline. It goes something like this:

Kabul has a very vibrant party scene – though I am still getting used to the fact that bouncers here carry AK-47s – and it is safe enough to take taxis on city sightseeing trips. I am happy to have extended my drinking opportunities by nearly a whole month now. You were absolutely right. To my absolute shock and horror Baghram is dry.

Oh to be young again! Why am I not surprised that Lianne has managed to land in one of the world’s worst troublespots and prompty find a series of (no doubt very glam) parties to attend?

Good on you girl!

Futher updates will be welcomed any time you care to forward them – and I can promise a G&T (or any other tipple of your choice) to help rehydrate your poor, dessicated palate on your safe return to Blighty!


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