Dowser’s Silver Anniversary will be a triumph of inertia

I’ve always time to trade war stories with Ian Dow, a veteran of the Daily Record who’s worked in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

But here’s a date for your diary that I hadn’t quite realised was so close – on January 16, 2008 Dowser will be celebrating 25 years with the paper.

I really shouldn’t be surprised. When I was a cub reporter at the Evening News I was dispatched to Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden to stop random strangers and ask them inane questions as part of a “vox pop”

When I saw a chap with a four-year-old daugher in tow I stopped him and he was good enough to chat and have his photo taken. As he departed, he handed me his business card – Ian Dow, Daily Record.

I was in awe. Those were the days when the Daily Record was truly massive – selling almost a million papers a day and the pinnacle of Scottish journalism. It took an age to get a job there, usually by spending long years doing weekend shifts while holding down a job on a weekly or evening paper. Then you’d spend several years as a “permanent shifter” working five days a week, every week, without a proper contract. It was worth it though, when you eventually got to join the staff.

It was another six years before I joined Ian at the Daily Record and another six years after that when I departed to do my own thing. Seven years on from that and Ian’s still ploughing his own inimitable furrow. So what’s his secret for¬†longevity?

“Don’t ever take a job with a title. If you do it’s only a matter of time before someone notices you and you’re on your way out the door.”

I hope to raise a glass with Dowser on that landmark date later this month, which he has proudly described as “a triumph of inertia”.

Aye. They don’t make them like that any more.


One thought on “Dowser’s Silver Anniversary will be a triumph of inertia

  1. Hallo There !
    I am from India. In 1960-62 I knew an Ian Dow at the YMCA at Erdington, Birmingham. I wonder whether the Ian Dow you mention could be the same person. I would be most delighted to get in touch with him.
    Could you please help?
    Regards and thanks
    S. Mohan

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