Anna King is going to be big in the art world – so catch her while you can

As a Wester Hailes boy made good, it’s not often I get the chance to claim any arts impressarios as my friends.

However, Katie McAuley is a bona fide fine arts expert, organising exhibtions of work by top artists through her company, McAuley Fine Arts.

Late last year Katie advised me that one to watch would be Anna King, a young, up-and-coming Scottish landscape painter. Feted by her peers, Anna has also won a number of prestigious awards for her paintings of bleak wastelands and dilapidated buildings.

Now, I’m not one for artw*nk and blethering breathy nonsense about form and bold use of colour – or whatever it is that gets art critics all hot and bothered. But even a philistine of my depth (or should that be shallowness?) can see that Anna King captures the strange beauty in abandoned, weed-infested lots and other examples of street neglect most of us never even deign to notice.

At Katie’s behest I checked out Anna’s website and was also intrigued to see that she’s been appointed at artist in residence with Scottish property firm, Morris & Spottiswood. Hardly surprising that her work would catch the eye of the firm’s boss, a man who’s fixed up a few eyesores in his time.

At the weekend I was taking a leisurely read through the Scotland on Sunday Review section and noticed that my old mucker Aidan Smith had an in-depth interview with Anna King (read it here) – who sounds like a thoroughly grounded and likeable woman, as well as a precocious artistic talent.

Now I know nixy about art. But that’s two pals talking about Anna King in glowing terms (as well as the great and the good of the art establishment). It seems beyond doubt that works by young Miss King are set to become highly collectible.

I’ve posted before about how Katie frowns at me in schoolmarmish fashion (and looks tempted to take a ruler across my knuckles)  if I talk about art as an investment. So let me be clear, that’s NOT what I’m doing here.

I’m just imagining that it probaly won’t be long before famous art lovers (like Madonna and Fabio Cappello) are snapping up Anna King originals with gay abandon and only those with seven digit salaries will be able to afford them.

So, if you like the idea of owning an original, unusual and totally Scottish piece of art by Miss King, then best get in before the rush starts. A good starting point is with Katie at McAuley Fine Art. Just tell her I sent you …


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