There’s a baby boom at the Scottish Daily Mail

Congratulations are in order to two of the top men at the Scottish Daily Mail.

Alan Crow splits his time between the Daily  Mail and Mail on Sunday and is still on a high following the birth of baby son Cameron – who arrived on December 21 weighing in at 7lbs on the nose.

All the hard work was done by Crow’s other half, Lorna Hughes, who will be enjoying a few months off from her normal place on the newsdesk at the Sunday Mail while she basks in the joys of motherhood for the first time.

Glad to hear that mum and baby are doing well. It was also nice to hear the proud dad enthusing about the fine head of hair his son was blessed with – since it’s been an awfy long time since big Alan required the services of a comb.

Meanwhile Scottish Daily Mail’s towering news editor Tim “Beyonce” Knowles is absent from his desk today (and for the next couple of weeks) after the dramatic early arrival of his second child.

Wife Mags (who is the duty lawyer for the Daily Mail in Scotland) wasn’t due to give birth for another week but delivered unexpectedly yesterday on the floor of the family bathroom.

Flustered Tim was downstairs on the phone to the midwife – leaving his 18-month-old son Tommy to hold mum’s hand for the safe arrival of his new sister, Tessa. So congrats to the Knowles family on the safe – if sudden – arrival.

Meanwhile, deputy news editor Andrew Beaven has found himself suddenly thrust into the hotseat – or, to put it another way, left holding the baby. Running the Daily Mail newsdesk is the newspaper equivalent of parenthood because it involves much waiing, throwing of toys from the pram and and sleepless nights.

Good luck to all three Daily Mail men and their new charges.


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