Lorenzo’s New Year sales scene makes front page of The Guardian

Guardian FrontCongratulations to Lorenzo Dalberto at Deadline Press & Picture Agency for securing yesterday’s front page picture on The Guardian.

 It can be a hard shift as an agency photographer with lots of unglamorous (and often unrewarding) work taking snatched phtographs of criminals outside courts, chasing 999 vehicles, or taking headshots of buildings. 

There has been a steady procession of successful photogs through the doors at Deadline –  Pete Goddard, Michael Hughes and Ben Russell for instance – who were naturals when it came to spotting the little bit of magic that elevates a mundane situation and turns it into picture gold.

This example from Lorenzo is up there with any of them. The composition and colours, the positioning of the subjects and their expressions  all turns a routine New Year Sales scene into something a little bit special.

I know the Deadline photographers live to see their bylines in the broadsheets  – and front page of The Grauniad tops the lot.

So well done Lorenzo – that’s probably the best Christmas present you could have hoped for. 


One thought on “Lorenzo’s New Year sales scene makes front page of The Guardian

  1. Siamo molto orgoliosi di nostro figlio le facciamo i migliori auguri anche se questo sito l’abbiamo scoperto per caso parecchi mesi dopo la publicazione della foto della quale possediamo il giornale originale.Lory continua sempre così un grosso inbocca al lupo papy e mamy

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