Grant Stott’s career is on the wane. OH NO IT ISN’T!

That Grant Stott isn’t half a busy boy.His radio show on Forth One pulls in plenty of listeners of a day (I’m not one – strictly Radio Five Live these days), while he was the surprise choice to take over presenting Scotsport on STV earlier this year.Recently he was also the host at the annual Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards in Glasgow – where he was on superb form (see my earlier post, here).Today, however, I saw Stotty in his element in the media format which suits him best. Oh yes I did!Sorry to trot out the obvious puns, but it is Panto season. And with all those other jobs keeping him busy, you might wonder why Grant Stott still makes time to play the comedy villain in the annual panto at the King’s Theatre.There are many reasons, I’m sure: paying for his kids’ education; turning himself into a kind of Mr Edinburgh personality who is guaranteed a pay cheque (of one sort or another) for decades to come.However, I suspect the best reason of all is that he probably quite enjoys it. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure it is a graft putting in all the rehearsals, learning all the lines, and getting through all the costume changes and make up. sessions. And after a month-long run of evening and matinee performances the performers must be drained of the will to live. But for a couple of weeks, at least, every year, it must be a complete riot. And the villain has the best part of all.It’s not going to win him any comedy awards or acting accolades. Worse, I suspect his fellow sports presenters also give him pelters about dressing up in tights and speaking in a comedy accent with a hammy Hammer House of Horror chilling laugh.But the big man fair enters into the spirit of it. Highlight of this year’s performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Most definitely seeing Hibs-daft Stott being forced to wear the maroon and white of the Jambos on stage.Marvellous stuff – and can’t wait to see that getting an airing on some future instalment of Scotsport.


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