He came to us a Boy. He leaves us a man. And here are the pics to prove it.

Dave EarlyDavid MidDavid Late

There’s much I could write about David Connor.

But the most important words are the simplest. I’ll miss him.

For those who haven’t heard already, Dave has now left Holyrood Partnership to combine his two main passions, golf and writing. So first let me wish him the very best of luck with his new enterprise, Red Top Sport and Media.

That’s the easy part done. The tricky job will be getting used to working without the big man at my right hand side, as he has been for the past six years.

I’d list the qualities I admire about big Dave, but I’d be worried about damning him with faint praise. Suffice to say he sums up everything I most admire: passion, integrity and industry.

He remains the best news editor of Deadline Press and Picture Agency to date and was the trustworthy rock which helped see the agency through its toughtest times. He was uncompromising in setting the highest standards and unflinching in letting staff know when they’d failed to achieve them. 

When Holyrood Partnership started to take off, it was inveitable Raymond and I would look for the best possible person to help us with our fledgling public relations enterprise. There was only one choice.

Dave made the jump to PR look effortless and within six months was named Scotland’s Young Communicator, by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. High praise indeed, and he was worth every part of it.

Hopefully he’s received as much during his time at both Deadline and Holyrood as he undoubtedly gave. If nothing else it was me who finally persuaded him to pluck the monobrow, so revealing two shapely eyebrows.

I’m also claiming credit for the improved dresss senses and haircuts. The rest is all his own work: A fine writer, journalist, PR expert, sportsman and, most recently, father to baby Andrew.

Most of all though, he’s a great friend. All the best, Dave. 


3 thoughts on “He came to us a Boy. He leaves us a man. And here are the pics to prove it.

  1. Dave with a monobrow???

    Who would have known he hid such a hairy and unsightly secret? I would not have believed it without such conclusive photographic evidence.

    Best of luck Dave, and congrats on the baby

    Jade x

  2. Actually, David is so hairy that calling them eyebrows is a bit of a misnomer.

    They are actaully the only part he doesn’t shave between his forehead and his chest.

    Hope you had a nice Christmas down in Derby?



  3. Many thanks for the kind words Scott – not least for highlighting the monobrow and litany of bad haircuts! It’s funny how no-one dares to mention it at the time isn’t it?!

    I still fondly recall the early days at Deadline where, in my first week alone I was heard to utter the words “are you sure that’s ethical?”; had the police at my parents’ house after being mistaken for a hit & run driver following up on his crime; and witnessed my boss successfully breaking another man’s hand………..using only his face.

    I’m delighted to say that was only just the start of the fun & games and I leave after the best six years with Deadline Press & Picture Agency and Holyrood Partnership imagineable.

    Thanks must go to everyone I have worked with and against during that time. They all know who they are.

    However, a special mention to both Scott and co-founder of Holyrood Partnership, Raymond Notarangelo. You are only every as good as the teacher you have had and thankfully I have had two of the best. I can’t call you colleagues anymore – but I will always call you friends. For that, and everything else, I am eternally grateful.

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