Sun Christmas Card is Best of the Fest

Caught up yesterday with Alan Muir, the man widely recognised as the best news editor in Scotland – under his watch the Scottish Sun has become Scotland’s biggest paper with an impressive reporting team.

The big man was on sparkling form – which he put down to having been out for a rare, boozy lunch. It’s not often a news editor will spare five minutes to shoot the breeze with a PR man, so I put that down to the lunchtime liveners as well.

I hope it wasn’t just the festive cheer talking, but Alan was even promising to rectify the fact that the Scottish Sun is the only one of the big papers which doesn’t have a festive bash for freelances and other contributors. If that comes off (sometime in the New Year) I’m hoping to wangle an invite.

Today our Christmas card dropped from the Scottish Sun – and it was another clear examply of why they are sitting pretty as Scotland’s favourites paper. Typical irreverent sense of humour and tapping into what the Scottish public wants.

Brilliant. Easily the best card I’ve had this festive season – and another big feather in the cap for John Smeaton.


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