The perfect stressbuster – with a waxing Virgin

Waxing ModelAccording to the latest copy of PR Week (out today) the publicity battle between TV giants Sky and Virgin is being won by Rupert Murdoch’s lot. According to the magazine’s Review of 2007 the total volume of coverage has been 66% to 34% in Sky’s favour.

So I’d like to my wee bit to help Virgin (and poor old Branson, whose measly fortune probably looks poor next to Murdoch’s billions) by highlighting this excellent internet ad (click here) for its mobile phones. I ‘m not a fan of the current crop of billboard posters which are also part of this campaign (I get paid to pout/pose … etc), but this is really clever.

My thanks to the impressively efficient Asam Ahmad in the Virgin Media press office for turning up this link for me. If everybody in his team is as helpful, I don’t think they’ll be lagging behind Sky in the coverage stakes for much longer (though in fairness, it’s hardly a fair fight when Murdoch owns half the media).

Not only is this funny, it’s also a great stressbuster – make someone else take the pain!

My guess is that this is real as well – I don’t think this guy is faking how painful this waxing procedure is.

Even the thought of having my under arms waxed makes me feel faint. Ouch. I’ll keep my fur, thanks very much.


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