Sainsburys have a natty new line – in skip scavengers

Resourcefulness is a quality much in demand among supermarket delivery drivers, I would suspect.So imminent promotion is no doubt winging it’s way to the Sainsburys van man who raided the skip outside my home yesterday.Suffering an unsightly giant metal rubbish receptacle outside your house is one of the drawbacks of having the builders in. At first I was uncertain about what the neighbours would think. Then I was fearful at the prospect of being pulled up by the rule-obsessed council about where exactly it should (or shouldn’t) be parked. Indeed, som helpful fellows have even published a detailed guide to skip etiqette – and you can apply for a more detailed email guide (Seven Skip Secrets – wooooh), here.Now, my skip is like an old friend – helping me get rid of unwanted household items that might otherwise have blocked my cellar or attic for an untold age. It’s also been the perfect, welcoming place for a host of office junk that was hogging much-needed space.That included some old computer hardware, inlcuding a couple of PC monitor screens dating back to 2001. They looked their age – and then some. Amazing how the advent of flat screens has left even recent technology looking almost Victorian. However, they were faithful servants and were with me for some time, so when it came time to say bye bye, I deposited them very gently among the planks, beams and other rubble.That gentleness was no doubt a cause for crowing when the Sainsburys man happened by on his rounds – they might be old but those screens were in pristine condition, complete with fused plugs and everything! Unbeknown to him, he was being watched by the builders as he helped himself to the computer gear – before replacing it with junk from his own van. They’re an uncharitble lot my builders (egged on by missus) and they wanted to report this chap to the powers that be at Sainsburys. What? For recycling rubbish? Common sense prevailed and the matter was quietly dropped.I just hope the supermarket Van Man can find a good use for those free screens – unlike most of the junk my missus brings back from any trip to Sainsburys.


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