When it comes to drunken antics, this lot are a bunch of proven lawyers

By this point (4pm) the first casualties of the Edinburgh Bar Association annaul lunch are probably being poured into taxis and sent home.

The shindig tends to be a boozy affair, the lunch is of the liquid variety and according to my well-placed mole, it also  has a reputation as being a bit of a raucous affair, with cash-rich lawyers spending taxpayers money they have wrung out of the legal aid board on champagnes and canapes and generally apeing the behaviour of their clients”.

Since those clients tend to be the Burberry-behatted, criminally minded (and criminally stupid) dregs of society, that’s not much of an endorsement.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that, for a bunch of proven lawyers, they’re not too litigious then!

A Scotsman diary piece a few years back described the Bar Association lunch as “a piece of orgy-tastic debauchery” and it was well-known that they were chucked out of the The Doric in Market Street.

I don’t think many of the venues have invited them back in recent years.

This year the legal eagles are heading for George Street – the Opal Lounge to be precise –  and sinces the Opal is one of our clients, we did the decent thing and tipped them the wink.

If you spend your entire legal life with the ruthless, hapless, feckles, luckless and brainless denizens of the criminal court system then you can be forgiven if you want to let off some steam once a year.

So I hope Edinburgh finest criminal lawyers have a right good night out – with only hangovers (and not pending court cases on the wrong side of the dock) to worry about.


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