Another Fine mess for IT expert Simon, thanks to Edinburgh’s shrunken parking spaces

An unusual line in parking problems for farmer-come-IT guru Simon Thomasson of Interact IT.

Today he told me his tale of woe about how he was given a £30 parking ticket while in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. Not because he had failed to feed the meter or had stopped on a single yellow line.

Nope, Simon’s transgression was for “failing to park correctly within the white lines”. Officialdom gone mad, I know. But worse was to come.

Simon explained that the parking spot was a temporary berth during roadworks and had been painted at a slightly smaller guage than the usual, more generous parking spaces – all of which meant it was physically impossible for him to stay within the lines. His Nissan Navarro simply couldn’t fit.

Being the insensitive sort, I asked Simon why he had to have such a big vehicle (A Nissan Navara). In fairness he’s not one of those annoying rich people who have trophy 4x4s. Rather he is a working farmer in East Lothian and the Navara is perfect for the rugged terrain. It’s also roomy enough for the day-to-day needs of his IT business in Edinburgh – running engineers around the city and delivereing boxes of computer hardware and such like.

Like most people wronged by petty officialdom Simon was intent on fighting his corner and was all set to get out with his measuring tape to show the injustice of the whole thing. However, being a businessman he was overtaken by normal everyday life – things like keeping people in employment, keeping businesses running productively and generally contributing to a healthy economy and the generation of taxes (for the paying of aforementioned petty officials).

Bottom line? Before Simon knew it the 14 days limit for payment of the fine was up and the will to fight simply drained out of him. It was actually easier for him to pay the £30 – no matter how much it stuck in his craw – than to jump through the hoops and and over the hurdles of the parking fine appeals process.

I wonder how many others that has happened to?

You can let Edinburgh Council know exactly what you think about its parking policy here.


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