Tattoo that says it’s a man at the front and a woman at the back (and an employee surfing the internet).

I refer you to this lawyer’s eye view from employmnet specialist Mark Ellis on whether staff should be entrusted to surf the internet while in their office or workplace. know employment law should be dull, but Ellis Whittam provide excellent legal HR support to my own company and Mark Ellis has made a decent job of making some pretty dry employment issues far more accessible and interesting.The dilemma of “social networking” is one which many businesses are currently wrestling with. The whole idea of Myspace, Bebo and Facebook intruding on the workplaces has also been debated by my old mucker Shaun Milne (click here). In the case of Mark’s blog I posted my own view: that a tolerant approach by employers will help good staff find the right balance and hopefully help root out the abusers.My respect goes out to the provider of the following rather amusing picture (Who shall remain nameless, just in case!):Amusing TattooThis shows that Quantum People, one of the most successful recruitment companies in Scotland enjoy that position because their team know how to have a laugh. Should they be hauled over the coals for this? Of course not – it’s just a bit of harmless tomfoolery (and I’m sure all the bright young things in their office will be saying, “right on grandad” at the use of that word!).It certainly brightened up my day. Though I have to suggest, this isn’t a tattoo it’s a body paint job. Still funny though.


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