Speccy jogger Rob has a new book near the top of the best-seller list

During the summer months, Rob Robertson can often be found jogging round Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. While wearing his glasses.

I only mention the glasses, because Rob hardly wears them for anything else – so why for jogging?

Since he’s always had an eye for the ladies I boldly suggested to Rob that he dons the specs to admire the lycra-clad women runners. He denied the allegation vehemently. But he is still to come up with any other reasonable explanation.

Fleet footed lechery aside, Rob is a well-kent face in journalistic circles and recently made the move from The Herald to become the rugby writer at the Scottish Daily Mail. Meanwhile, he’s also carving himself a second career as an author, having penned books about Hearts and tennis star Andy Murray.

His latest offering is a biography of Aberdeen legend Willie Miller. Rob tells how the book could have been called The Miller’s Tale – but the publishers opted for the snappier title, The Don.

Unsurprisingly it is selling extremely well in the Granite City and also doing not bad across the rest of Scotland. Well enough, certianly, to put it in the top three on the Scottish books Best Seller list – just in time for Christmas.

Sitting at number three in the charts is no mean achievement – especially when the latest Rebus instalment from mega-selling  Ian Rankin is sitting at number two.

And the literary classic occupying the top spot? None other than Maw Broon’s Cookbook.

Book your copy now to avoid disappointment, (like when your porridge fails to set properly in the greasepaper-lined drawer at the but ‘n’ ben).


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