Great Branding Blunders

I realise it’s been a while since I last made a post which inlcuded a picture.

Then a rather amusing email dropped into my inbox from the Big Galoot. And I couldn’t resist reproducing the images here, especially since clients or potential clients often think that PR advisers know a bit about branding.

Maybe some do – but certainly I don’t know anything more about branding than any other punter who watches TV, visits the shops, reads newspapers and magazines or browses the internet.

However, I can fairly confidently say that I would have held up their hands in horror had any of the various companies below asked for my comments on their swanky new logos.

I give you, among others, the  computer technicians who give a new meaning to knob twiddling; the medical centre that’s just too damn child friendly; and the dentist with the very special bedside manner.

Paedo Centre

Knob Twiddlers

From Behind

Dirty Dentist

Junior Sex Swap


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