Say hello to Craig McGill – probably the politest man in the Blogosphere.

They call it “social” media. But the truth about blogging is that it’s a lonely pursuit.

Added to that, there’s no real way to know who is reading what you write. In fairness most of the time you’d probably rather not know – what if it turned out to be only your mum, a handful of pals and a couple of people you rubbed up the wrong way through the years and who only tune in to remind themselve what a tosspot you are?

So I was delighted this week to get an unsolicited email from Craig McGill. I recognise Craig’s byline, most probably from his Mirror days. But he’s written for just about everybody at some stage, published a number of books and has recently been plying his trade as a PR man with the original Scottish PR and communications giant, Beattie Communications.

His message said he was about to launch his own blog – and he wondered if it would be ok to link to this site. Now, I’m still a bit of a novice myself, but as I understand it, getting people to link to your blog is the be all and end all.

So Craig’s email not only meant I had a reader – it also meant I had a reader who was polite enough to ask before doing me a massive favour. Magic! We exchanged a couple of emails, established that we have a mutual mate in Shaun Milne (which is all the recommendation I need to know Craig is sound) and agreed to meet up for a pint or three as soon as Shaun can arrange it.

Today Craig let me know his site is live – and I have to say it looks superb. Since Shaun Milne is a veteran blogger I also read his rave review of Craig’s new offering. I’d have to say the tech specs were beyond me, but I know I want a blog that looks like this.

I’d like to return the favour to Craig, for doing such a thoroughly decent thing by contacting me to polietly request that link – so I’d advise anyone who may read this to take a look at his new blog, cleverly entitled the Cluttered Desk. I know I will be a regular reader.


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