Jings, crivvens, help ma boab! Accident blamed for waking up at least seven Sunday Post staff

Jings, crivvens, help ma boab!

Whit a stramash at the HQ of couthy Dundee newspaper firm, DC Thomson today.

The company which churns out the Sunday Post, Dundee Courier and Evening Telegraph found itself as the cause of the story today.

And michty me if it doesn’t sound like a plotline from the firm’s own cartoon classics, either Oor Wullie, or the Broons (see the Tayside Police press release below):

Tayside Police were called to Dundee’s Horsewater Wynd at around 9am this morning after an articulated trailer, fully laden with steel beams, collided with a car before careering through the exterior wall of premises owned by D C Thomson and Co Ltd. The trailer was parked up beside a construction site at Westport and was unattended at the time of the incident.  It rolled down Horsewater Wynd and collided with a Fiat Punto before continuing on through the brick and glass wall of the D C Thomson building. Miraculously, the occupants of the Fiat Punto, two adults and a child, escaped uninjured.  Similarly, no members of staff at D C Thomson were injured. The road was closed to all traffic whilst the trailer was removed and an examination of the building was carried out.  The City Engineer has deemed the building to be structurally safe and emergency repairs are currently being carried out. The Health and Safety Executive has been notified. Anyone who witnessed the incident take place should get in touch with Tayside Police in Dundee on (01382) 223200. 

I don’t really know much about the DC Thomson stable. It always felt like something of an outsider in Scottish newspaper circles – and something of a quaintly odd place. However I know quite a few journos who served their time there and it gave them a decent start (Atholl Duncan, head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland and pie fan Murray Foote, deputy editor of the Daily Record, to name two).

While the Sunday Post is a total anachronism, its oddly twee brand of journalism seems to continue holding a place in the Scottish Market. No doubt it is seeing sales dwindle, but so is everyone else. Twenty years ago I remember pundits predicting that with its extremely aged and decrepit readership and little in it to attract young readers, it was literally a “dying” brand. Well, either Sunday Post readers all live to well over 100, or Scots who hit 55 feel an irresistable urge to suddenly buy it, cos it is still around and instantly recognisable to most Scots (even if they say that’s only because their “grandparents” read it).

I also recall being told the Sunday Post had no qualms about using “news” stories which could be decades old. The rule of thumb seemed to be that “yesterday” meant any time the past couple of months, “last week” could be translated as a year or so ago and “recently” applied to anything post Second World War.

Back to today’s story. I’m glad that, just like an instalment of the  Broons or Oor Wullie , it had a happy ending, with nobody badly hurt. And while I fully expect to read all about it in tomorrow’s Courier, it may well be another year or two before it features in Frances Gay’s diary, or appears in the centre spread features.


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