Vicky Hamilton’s family issue thanks to cops who found her body.

I’ve been posting regularly on the Vicky Hamilton case – and have also fired a bit of flak in the direction of Lothian and Borders Police. So it’s only fair I share in giving L&B a big pat on the back by reproducing the statement of thanks from Vicky’s family who now, after 16 years, can lay her to rest


1010 hours 20/11/07

Press Office Fettes

The following statement is being issued on behalf of Vicky Hamilton’s sister Sharon (36 years), twin brother and sister, Lee and Lindsay (both 23 years).

“Sharon, Lee and Lindsay would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the inquiry team from Lothian and Borders Police for finding our sister and bringing her home. Also a thank you to the public for their support at this difficult time and to all those who have left floral tributes at the house in Margate and to those who attended the Prayer Service for Vicky and Dinah McNicol on Sunday. We would also like to thank everybody who have supported the family over the past 16 years.

“This is a difficult time for us all but the knowledge that Vicky will be reunited with her mother gives us solace and a degree of comfort. After 16 long years we are thankful we can finally grieve for Vicky and give her a proper burial. Vicky going missing ripped the family apart, not only did we lose a beloved sister, we also lost our mother who died through heartache never knowing what happened to her daughter.

“Our thoughts are also with Dinah’s family; we understand exactly what they are going through and offer our support and comfort at this time.

“Thank you all, Sharon, Lee and Lindsay.”


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