Big diddy gives PR a bad name by banning gossip

Oh dear. It’s one of those bizarre stories that could only happen in America.

Some tube has decided that his company will work better if he bans gossip, as you can read here.

None of which would normally catch my ear. Except that the company in question is a PR firm. And this might catch on (though I sincerely hope  not). And what happens over there eventually happens over here.

Chicago’s Empower Public Relations is in the news after boss Sam Chapman took his momentous decision. Apparently he’s already sacked three people for gossiping.

It all sounds like a PR stunt for the company to raise its own profile. If so, it appears to be working, but I hope it ultimately backfires.

Gossip is part of the human condition. You may as well try to ban breathing and eating. And while we’re at it lets ban political correctness.

The only good thing to come out of this is that I couldn’t help but notice that one of Empower’s main clients is very glamorous Dr Laura Berman, America’s leading expert in female sexual health.

Now there’s a woman I wouldn’t mind sitting down to have a good gossip with. It could be the conversational equivalent of being given the keys to the safe.


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