Why PR Works: Number 4

Thomas AshdownYou may or may not know that I started this occasional series to remind myself of the good things PR does.

When you have a bunch of journalist referring to you as the “dark side”and potential clients announcing they “don’t believe in PR”, it pays to celebrate the wee successes on a regular basis.

Every year Scotland on Sunday publishes its list or Scotland’s 100 Most Eligible, described as: “Funny, sexy, successful and intelligent: these are the men and women who have everything – except someone special in their life.”

This year the list of most eligible men had a top three of:

1 – David Tennant, Dr Who actor.

2 – Jamie Murray, tennis star and older brother of Andy

3 – John Smeaton, bane of Islamic terrorists and incomprehensible have-a-go hero.

And coming in at a very creditable number 11 in the top 50 blokes is Thomas Ashdown, entrepreneur, sport sponsor and all round good guy. Oh – and I should also mention that his Citylets business is a client of yours truly at Holyrood Partnership.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am for Thomas. His natural instinct is to shirk the limelight. I know he sees PR as a necessary business evil, because he certainly has not a shred of ego, vanity or desire for self-promotion.

So he really did take a bit of persuading to be nominated for this year’s list and right up until the last minute was getting cold feet. He was genuinely surprised (and I think quite pleased) to come in so high, but I knew he’d totally charmed the judges.

So ladies, the good news is that I have Thomas’ mobile phone number … who’d like to start the bidding for first introduction?


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