Gordon Smart takes over as The Sun’s Bizarre editor

Congratulations to Gordon Smart, who’s just been appointed editor of The Sun’s hugely influential Bizarre column. Read all about it here.

As every journo worth their salt knows, there is no surer route into the tabloid big time. Previous incumbents include Piers Morgan, who went on to edit the News of the World and the Daily Mirror, Andy Coulson, who also went on to edit the NoTW and Dominic Mohan, who is now deputy editor on The Sun.

I’m sure Gordy will more than hold his own in such illustrious company – and I’m delighted to have played a wee part in setting him on the road to journalistic glory. He had all but given up on a newspaper career and was coaching youth football in London when he landed a job with Deadline Press & Picture Agency.

Gordon is charm personified – a lovable rogue with a line in cheek delivered with a grin that virtually no-one else woulg get away with. Which explalins how he’d also been a successful club promoter even when he was still journalism student at Napier University. I can safely say I’ve never known another reporter with such a god-given talent for winning people over – they would actually go out of their way to tell stuff to young Goags.

He wasn’t half bad on a doorstep either. He’ll no doubt recall the time when, despite being a total rookie, he managed to get the only collect pics of suspected child killer Roberta Bibby. He was insided the woman’s house with her shocked husband, he had me barking instructions down the phone and all the while he was trying to prevent Mr Bibby from opening his front door to the assembled tabloid pack outside.

It was made even more memorable by the fact that one of those on the outside was The Mirror’s Ron Moore (a good operator in his own right), who was apoplectic with rage and ready to kill when Gordon firmly shut the front door in his face. Happy days. But we all knew that frontline news stuff wasn’t really his bag and nobody was surprised when Gordy packed up for London to take up his true calling, speaking with the stars.

Since then he’s cosied up with all kinds of rich, beautiful people and no doubt they alo find it impossible to resist his charm.

So good luck in the new job, Goags. Next time your in Edinburgh, it’s your round.


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