Every cloud has a lining. Ours really is silver.

To last night’s Scottish CIPR awards – we came second in the Outstanding Small Agency category, picking up the silver award.

No point trying to put a gloss or spin on that – just congratulations for the winners, Artisan PR.

Pluses from the night were reasonably plentiful (though I’ve not yet seen our bar bill and still not heard what happened to the bus that was supposed to pick us up).

<>The biggest plus is that Holyrood Partnership now feels like a real part of the PR firmament. We started out as a pair of journos with a couple of media relations tricks up our sleeves. But in industry terms we were unknown and outsiders. A few years ago Raymond and I attended our first ever PR awards to cheer on Emma Gregory, as she picked up the Young Communicator Award and I can safely say I knew only a handful of people. Certainly, I don’t think many people in the world of PR had heard our name.Two years ago we were at the awards again, when our own David Connor deservedly collected the Young Communicator Award and Holyrood Partnership probably blipped on the radar of other PR companies in a small way for the first time.

At last night’s awards the first thing that struck me was the number of familiar faces at a very, very big award ceremony. Over five years we’ve put in the graft, got the  coverage we’ve deserved and made our clients happy. We’ve also earned our PR spurs and last night I felt as though Holyrood Partnership was in the right place. We belonged.

Another plus is that while many awards can seem like an industry backpatting exercise, the CIPR awards are a bona fide recognistion of talent and effort and are, for the most part, made on merit. Certainly I’ve got no quibble with the judges’ decision in our category.

Which means we’ll certainly be entering again and I’m a sure as I can be that we’ll be back on the podium – and next time hopefully we’ll be collecting gold.

On to matters more entertaining. The big talking point of the night was that the Italian football team were in the same hotel as the awards ceremony (the Radisson). Every woman in the building was aquiver at the thought of meeting the Serie A poster boys in the flesh. Every bloke was hoping the Tally nemesis would all be immediately confined to their beds with mild (but just debilitating enough) food poisioning.

All of which provided plenty of fodder for Grant Stott who was hosting the evening – and who I have to say was outstanding. Even the  resident Jambo at our table had to grudgingly admit that, for a Hibee, Stott was on stonking form. As well as poking fun at the Italian football I particularly enjoyed his gags at the expense of Cumbernauld  and well-upholstered ex TV newsreader, Alan Douglas.
Best of all though was when he suggested the gold medals for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow would be made from melted down sovvies and would be hung on Burberry patterned ribbons. Weedgie-baiting at its best.

All in all can just about manage the disappointment of missing out on first place, especially since there’s a more important prize up for grabs in Glasgow today.  If McLeish’s lads can turn over the Italians for a famous victory Friday night’s else will pale into utter insignificance. And I don’t think I can cope with a double dose of disappointment in one weekend.



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