Sunday Mail editors asks: “Should I stay or should I go?”. But it’s only karaoke.

He’s a brave soul, Alan Rennie, editor of the Sunday Mail.

Not only did he pluck up the courage to get up and sing at a karoke night – but presumably he agreed for his performance to be filmed and uploaded on t’internet, as you will see by clicking here or by visiting

I’ve worked with Alan twice – firstly at the Evening News and later at the Daily Record – and never realised that there was a budding, inner rock God stuggling to stage-dive out.

Fair play though, that’s twice he’s surprised me in little over  a month. The first time was a few weeks ago when he told me was off to Germany to run a marathon.

Apparently he caught the running bug four or five years ago and has been a dedicated pavement pounder ever since, travelling to far flung corners of the world to push himself to the limits of physical endurance.

Presumably all that exercise has given him a fine set of lungs with which to belt out vintage Clash numbers. Great to watch this video as Alan gradually transforms from “nervous and rather awkward looking man in suit” into “strutting and pointing crowd pleaser”.

A small confession to make though – I don’t have any sound on my PC. Anyone care to tell me how Renzo sounds? All reviews gratefully received.


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