Art expert Katie McAuley hates it when I describe paintings as investments

Listening in to Radio Five Live this morning, Nicky Campbell caught my attention when he reported that Hugh Grant has trousered an impressive $8 milliion profit by flogging a work of art he owned.

The piece in question was a Warhol original of movie icon Liz Taylor. Anyway, behind the star struck money envy, what really hit home with me was that Nicky Campbell asked listeners to phone in with what they considered their best ever investment.

There. I’ve said it. And now I know Katie is going to chew my ear next time I see her. Because she is so passionate about art, she doesn’t believe it should ever be bought as an investment.

Katie is my only pal who knows anything about art, having earned her spurs over many years in a well-thought of Leith art gallery.

After marrying my old newspaper compadre, Magnus Llewellin, and bringing baby daughter Ava into the world, Katie decided it was time for a new challenge and set up her own business McAuley Fine Art. As well as offering work by well-known and emerging artists online, she also arranges exhbitions across south east Scotland, making art accessible.

I recently had a browse round one of those exhibtions in North Berwick. I’m a bit of a philistine so was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Which just goes to show that Katie’s right in one very important regard – art is there to be savoured and enjoyed.

So when I eventually free up a couple of grand to buy a decent piece of art, I will be looking for something that will gladden my heart whenever I look at it; will constantly reveal hidden depths; will be a centre piece and talking point of whatever room I put it in; and will generally make me look urbane and sophisticated.

And it will be Katie I turn to get that advice and to talk me through the finer points of such a purchase. But just like Hugh Grant and all those milliions who tune into shows like Bargain Hunt, Flog It and the Antiques Road Show every week – I’ll be hoping it turns out to earn me a fortune in profit.

Sorry Katie!


3 thoughts on “Art expert Katie McAuley hates it when I describe paintings as investments

  1. Well of course buying art can be a fantastic investment but I would never buy for that reason. what is the point of buying something to keep it in bubble wrap…

    And scott, you don’t need to free up a couple of grand to buy a piece of art from mcauley fine art….We can find something to suit everyone’s budget.

  2. Ha ha – nice one Katie.
    It’s not so much the budget I’m concerned about – it’s the looking “urbane and sophisticated” bit which could prove the real stumbling block.
    See you at your next exhibition!

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