It’s not all luxury at jeweller Alistir’s country bolthole

Jeweller Alistir Tait puts in a hard shift at his Edinburgh boutique – and has done for 25 years, which is why it is such a success.

One of the rewards he has treated himself to is a country retreat. His lodge is in deepest, rural Perthshire and has been a work in progress for the five years I’ve known him.

In that time it’s been gutted, redecorated and even had its turf roof totally replaced, much to the joy of the local deer population who can often be found nibbling on it. The lodge also has a substantial outdoor jacuzzi which is a huge hit during summer barbecues

However, Alistir tells me that his last visit to the lodge wasn’t the rural, relaxing idyll I might have expected.

With winter fast approaching he spent his weekend touching up the exterior woodwork with Sadolin. And in a log cabin there is a lot of woodwork. Not only is it backbreaking, smelly, messy work it also had an additional downside.

Alistir tells me: “It was finger-numbing work because there were icicles hanging from the roof. I couldn’t believe how cold it was, but the work needed done before the winter really sets in.”

Now I don’t feel half as bad about spending my weekends in an unglamorous bungalow.


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