Record mistakenly publishes full address of Tam “The Licensee” McGraw’s widow

Today’s front page of the Daily Record is a story about notorious Scottish gangland figure Tam McGraw, leaving a paltry £621 in his will for widow, Margaret.

The suggestion is that his ill-gotten millions from drug dealing and other criminal enterprises have been carefully salted away by the crimelord, who was known as The Licensee and died from a heart attack earlier this year. He was 55.

For the full story, readers had to turn to pages four and five. Among the pics on the page were copies of court documents detailing the estate. Crucial detials (including the bank account numbers and Margaret’s home address) had been carefully blacked out.

But mysteriously, while the bank account details were totally blotted out , Margaret’s address was there for all to see – as clear as day despite the black bar over the text.

Hopefully Margaret is looking on the bright side. She won’t have to worry about door-to-door salesmen pestering her now that they know her late husband left her potless.

And if they believe that …


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