Becoming a bone marrow donor beats being sued by Britney

Until now I’ve always introduced my oldest friend Steve Walker to other people as “My mate Steve – the only man I know who has been sued by Britney Spears

As you can imagine, it is usually a pretty good conversation starter. But that is all in the past, when Britney was full on, proper A-List and when Steve was still running a highly successful paparazzi picture agency selling celebrity pics all over the world.

Steve sold up just over a year ago and has been a man of leisure ever since. Britney is now an official meltdown

So, things move on and what better time to change the way I will now introduce Steve to people:  “This is my mate Steve – the only man I know who has been a marrow donor.”

Yep, Steve is the living proof of the success of the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register. Several years ago he was moved by the story of Millie Forbes, a 21-year-old girl from Aberdeenshire, struck down by leukaemia.

Despite having a bone marrow transplant Millie died, but not before she launched Millie’s Campaign, urging more people to put their name on the bone marrow register. According to the Anthony Nolan Trust, her campaign was credited with attracting at least 2000 new, potential donors to the register.

One of them was Steve. Now, several years later, the Trust have contacted him again, to let him know he is a match for someone awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Not only is Steve gladly going through the treatment but he is helping to drum up publicity for the cause, in the hope that his experiences might persuade a few others to come forward and join the register.

I’ll keep you posted on where fuller details of Steve’s journey as a marrow donor will be appearing – he’s totally committed to helping the register attract as many new donors as possible. And with luck, he’ll help save a life along the way.


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