Lauren gets her driving licence – now for the next big test

Aw bless!

News reporter Lauren Crooks is rightly chuffed this week after passing her driving test at the second time of asking.

Colleagues at Deadline Scotland Press & Picture Agency were also delighted for her, particularly because she’s been itching to get out on the road and get a crack at a wider range of stories.

So there was a sense of celebration this morning as she prepared to take to the road for the first time in her prized VW Lupo. First question Lauren asked was how to get to Haddington Sherrif Court in East Lothian.

Workmates were quick to jump in with directions and advice on the best route from Leith. Her confusion was evident, but she’s a resourceful lass, so got her head down to check an online route planner.

A few minutes later worst fears were realised when Lauren, who has been based at Deadline for six months, looked up with a baffled expression and asked: “Where’s South Fort Street?”.

There was much reddening of coupon when her workmates gently pointed out, it was the street right outside – where she was parked.

Breath is bated as we await reports on whether the bold Lauren manages to find Haddington, sans sat nav.


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