Why PR Works: Number 2

In answer to those who “don’t believe” in PR, I created an occasional series to remind myselt that I do get out of bed for a purpose:

An earlier post concerned a wee bit of crisis management we did for Fife-based FFDR when it was reported they were subject of a £10m takover bid, leaving staff unsettle and fearing for their jobs. For the six hours work we put in at short notice, we achieve the following:

  • Three daily newspaper articles – in all target titles.
  • One article in a national, weekly business publication.
  • One sizable article in the most relevant weekly newspaper.
  • Major coverage on the first two pages thrown up by Google by searching the company name.
  • A basic AVE of £4000 (no multiplying the figure either!)
  • All three, pre-agreed key messages delivered across the coverage.

That’s cheered me right up. But I’m not half as pleased as the client is.


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