Aileen – Come back from NHS Lothian, your PC needs resuscitated

An early post last week was a good luck message to  the remarkbaly well-turned out Aileen Cowden, who was moving on from her features  writing role at Deadline Press & Picture Agency to take up a post as communications officer with NHS Lothian.

No word yet from the woman herself on how she is settlling in the new position – but almost immediate pining symptoms at Deadline.

Not from the staff, who’re all too busy under the cracking whip of Brian Lewis, but from Aileen’s PC. When a colleague tried to use the machine just hours after Aileen vacated her desk, the machine whirred pitifully before emitting a solitary beep and promptly expiring.

At her official leaving do in Cargo (the trendy pub in Fountainbridge owned by Festval Inns), on Friday, Aileen was quick to explain away the sad demise of her former PC. Either it had been worked so hard during her tenure it had simply run its course. Or the poor piece of hardware simply couldn’t bear to be parted from her.

She’s the fine upstanding daughter of a retired police superintendent, so I believe her.



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