The bride is a babe – and her pet dog got married too!

Some people make a real impact when you first meet them. The kind of unforgettable impression that stays with you always.

Rosie Waller had that effect on me while I was working in Newcastle – firstly on The Journal and then on the Evening  Chronicle.

Amazonion, blonde, gorgeous and confident with a bubbling laugh, Rosie smoked wee cheroot cigars with unbelievable panache and drank pints faster than me, while making it look like the sexiest thing ever. She was awesome and terrifying at the same time. I count myself lucky that I’ve managed to keep in touch with Rosie over the years – even if it is just once a year when she makes her annual pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Festival.

I missed her this year, which was a shame as it would have been a chance to meet the lucky man who is the love of her life.Rosie, a freelance writer and journalist based in Newcastle,  recently married Johnnie McGlade at a ceremony in Nethybridge, which I’m told – in true Rosie fashion – was as batty as it was beautiful.

ReindeerNot only did Rosie have a selection of Reindeer on hand (for no reason other than she likes them), but she also followed her own nuptials with a wedding ceremony for her pet dog! Rosie’s dog, Sammy, married Rosie’s mum’s dog, Lucy, in a very moving ceremony attended by family and friends  – and here are the pictures to prove it. I can say without question that Rosie looked utterly stunning. But bride number two was a complete dog. And a bit of a bitch to boot.Dog Wed

Anyway, enough of the cheap gags and time to offer congratulations to the happy couple.  They followed their Wedding at the old church in Nethybridge, with whisky on the shores of Loch Garten. Then it was wedding cake (lovingly prepared by one of Rosie’s oldest friends, Jane Pikett).

To finish off there was more whisky and champagne at the Mountain Bear Lodge at Nethybridge then a reception at Nethybridge church hall, decorated by a group of friends with candles, twinkly lights and Christmas trees.

While I haven’t had the good fortune to meet the groom, what I do know is that Johnie is the founder of No Strings anti-landmine charity. They do great work all over the world (though primarily in Afghanistan these days) educating kids about landmines.

They do that using puppets made by the same people behind the Muppet show and supported by their patrons, Neil Morrissey and Hugo Speer (who was one of the groomsmen, pictured extreme right).Hugo Speer

Johnnie is Irish, from Donegal, and they decided on Nethybridge because the Cairngorms were a favourite holiday spot for Rosie and her late father. Anyone who is a match for Rosie is a man worth knowing – and I look forward to meeting Johnnie (and seeing Rosie again) next time they venture north.


10 thoughts on “The bride is a babe – and her pet dog got married too!

  1. Dear Scott,
    We’re taking this as an invitation to Edinburgh! What a lovely thing you’ve written here, Scott, I’m going to send it to everyone, particularly as it’s so complimentary about me. It’s a lovely keepsake and I’m really touched, and it just makes me remember all the fun times we’ve had together. Johnie and I would seriously love to come up to Edinburgh and spend an evening with you and Val. We’re off to Indonesia soon (it’s a tough life being involved with No Strings) so it’s looking more like into the New Year, but I’ll get in touch and arrange something with you. Sorry we couldn’t meet up at the Festival, but by the time the show we were seeing was finished I was so drunk I wouldn’t have made much sense anyway. We were there with Gillian Simpson and Pete, and went a bit mad for some reason.
    Anyway, much love to you and your family, and thanks again for your lovely blog, Rosie xxxxxx

  2. Rosie – I’m just sorry the pictures aren’t bigger to do you proper justice.
    You looked absolutely amazing! I’m so glad you enjoyed your big day and can’t wait to meet up with you and Johnie next time you’re up here.
    Sorry, but I’m not techie enough to know how to remove the response after you posted it by accidnent!
    But hey, it sounds fantastic anyway.
    Mwah, mwah,

  3. Why is there no photo of Scott on this blog, or am I just being thick and not finding it?
    What is a blog anyway and how does Scott have time to complete one?

  4. Ahh … there it is. Erm … very nice (heh, heh!).
    And anuvver thing – what ever happened to crediting your sources eh, Scottie? (king of the cut and paste, that’s what you is!)

  5. Whats this?? My daughter getting drunk and smoking cheroots?? This can’t be true. However she was stunning and beautiful and we all had a great week!
    From the proud mother of two gorgeous brides.

  6. Wanna tell you a story
    ’bout a woman I know
    when it come to lovin’
    oh, she steal the show
    ain’t exactly ugly
    ain’t exactly small
    42 – 29 – 40 . . er, something
    you can say she gotta looooooooooooooooooooottttttttttt!
    so you took the plunge rosie waller? hope it works for you, i’m dead jealous!

  7. I feel like a voyeur on your blog post but it seemed like a good way to find my old friend from Liverpool, Rosie Waller. If you are still in touch with her please pass on my contact details. Meanwhile, I’ll go back over to the no strings site now I realise she is the same person and contact her!

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