Scottish Football’s Finest Balls Up

Splash of the day goes to  the Scottish Sun for the front page on the bungled CIS Insurance Cup draw with the headline: “They’ll have my balls for this.”

Hilariously, the headline was shown as a thought bubble coming from the head of the Scottish Parliament’s presiding officer Alex Fergusson – the man who managed to get the draw of just four teams so wrong.

Hapless Alex claimed it was because he forgot his glasses and couldn’t properly read the team names. Regardless of what caused it, it’s difficult to think of anything more cringeingly embarrassing. For the rest of the UK and Europe it must reinforce the impression that the congregation of ex-councillors at the Scottish Parliament are a bunch of second raters. Poor Wee Eck must have been tearing out what’s left of his hair.

Never one to miss an opportunity to poke fun, I’ve sourced this pic of the draw, with Salmond, Joe Cairney and Fergusson who, in fairness, does look a bit of a bearded buffoon.

 Nae prizes on offer, but caption writing immortality for whoever comes up with the best suggestion for the word passign between the three of them.

Footy Balls Up


5 thoughts on “Scottish Football’s Finest Balls Up

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  2. “I haven’t seen you guys since election night.”


    “These are not the balls you’re looking for!”
    Said in Obi-Wan-knobe voice


    “look into the eyes, my eyes, the eyes. Not around the eyes, only in the eyes. 3 2 1 and your under.”

    I watch way to much telly!

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