Christmas (Dinner) Comes Early to Edinburgh Council

Among the guests attending today’s opening of new offices for housing company Orchard & Shipman, was Cathy King, whose 30 years of council service have led her to her current role as Head of Housing and Regeneration.

During her time she’s seen the city’s housing department led by any number of Labour political worthies. Robin Cook, Alistair Darling and Nigel Griffiths all did their time in Housing before moving on to parliamentary careers.

Cathy was dodging the buffet, but only because she’d already partaken of lunch at the City Chambers – turkey, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings.

Cathy was somewhat bemused and when she asked the catering staff if the meal was a dry run for Christmas dinner, they looked at her strangely.

I’m with Cathy on this though – whatever way you look at it thsi sounds like Christmas dinner to me. On Halloween.

What happened to good old pumpkin soup?


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