Aileen says Adios to Collects – and Aloha to Comms

Aileen DoorstepA fond farewell to Aileen Cowden who is leaving Deadline Press & Picture Agency to join the comms team at NHS Lothian.

It’s a big switch for the gal from Roslin. She made her mark at Deadline first as a news reporter and latterly as a feature writer for magazines like Bella, Chat and Take a Break.

Now she’ll be cutting her teeth in the world of strategic comms, internal communication, crisis managment, staff newsletters and media relations.

It’s the classic poacher-turned-gamekeeper scenario – and I can’t fault her for it, since I made exactly the same change myself, albeit a bit later in life.

We all hope Aileen enjoys the new challenge and that she proves as popular with the NHS crowd as she did with her Deadline colleagues.

Of course, Aileen says she’s just glad to be leaving behind the world doorstepping – the journalistic art of visiting people in the news (often the recently bereaved) to request pictures, known as “collects”.

So just to keep her focused, I thought I’d inlcude this pic – Aileen on a door knock. I don’t think she’ll thank me for it, but I really do want to wish her the best of luck in her new role.

Aileen responded to this post to say

aww i’m touched, don’t like the picture though…it was 7.30am, I was in West Lothian, it was freezing cold, and the guy we were looking for didn’t even live there anymore…..

Journalism – it’s all glamour, eh?


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