Three little words guaranteed to leave me quivering

The launch of STV Edinburgh is a major event in the Scottish media calendar

STV Edinburgh launch

We launch tonight.

Three little words from an email which dropped in my inbox a short time ago. And I’m shamelessly excited by them.

For those of you who may have missed the cause of my breathlessness, I fully understand that you might not entirely share my heightened sense of anticipation.

But to a man whose life has been spent in the media (and a great deal of it embedded right here in Edinburgh), the launch of a new TV station for Scotland’s capital city is something to get worked up about.

Chances are that STV Edinburgh may well turn out to exhibit all the flaws and failings we expect from tinpot local TV stations, wherever they are to found elsewhere in the world. Cos the simple fact is that in the UK we’re spoiled by the expectations set for us by the imperious professionalism of a phenomenally well-funded BBC. Continue reading


Street party organisers almost created a Mound of heartache

Scotsman report on crush at Edinburgh Hogmanay party

The Scotsman’s report

SOBERING experiences prompt deep reflection.

Like what’s it like to genuinely fear for the life of your child? How terrifying is it to face an implacable danger while rendered utterly powerless? Or who wants to listen to 60s pop music classics while facing a clear and present existential threat?

Sorry if number three sounds terribly flippant. But the truth is I can actually answer all of these questions.

Indeed, that’s why I wasn’t remotely surprised to read in today’s Scotsman that the appalling crush on The Mound during Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street party is to be the subject of an in-depth safety review.

Forgive what may sound like dramatic effect, but I was there – and I’ve never been more terrified in my life. In a single year past I came within moments of drowning and was knocked over by a hit and run driver. Both those events gave me pause for serious reflection. Neither came close to shaking me as profoundly as my New Year’s Eve experience on an ordinary city street that I’ve walked countless times. Continue reading

Three little words to guide an entire year of personal and business life.

More power to you if you’re currently fighting off craving or pushing yourself beyond your usual limits to meet your New Year resolutions.

Quitting smoking is a typical New Year resolution

Quitting smoking is a typical New Year resolution

It’s a stressful business quitting smoking, sticking to a punishing exercise schedule or tamping down food cravings and coping with hunger pangs.

That’s why I’m not one for resolutions just because we’ve passed a line on the calendar.

However, whether it’s an age thing or a response to a tough 18 months, I do feel ready for a change.  Or rather changes. Just about every aspect of life could use a period of positive recalibration.

So I’m taking inspiration from some influential bloggers I follow – and bypassing the pressure of resolutions to instead choose three little words to guide me through 2015.  Continue reading

The Secret Sex Shame Behind John Lewis’s Monty The Penguin Ad

John Lewis Christmas ad with Monty the Penguin

Monty the Penguin and schoolboy friend.

Just hours after being released to an expectant public, it seems Monty the Penguin is a big, fat, online viral hit.

John Lewis appears to have scored another home run in its series of schmaltzy, heartstring-tugging but ultimately heart warming Christmas adverts.

Except today someone at the department store – a bastion of middle class sensibilities – will be waking up to the realisation that in choosing the cute, CGI penguin star of the commercial, they have cast the avian equivalent of Jimmy Savile.

And that cannot be a good feeling. Continue reading

Climate change is real – It’s time we all adopted a tree hugger

Climate change activists

Climate change activists

I hate to come over all tree hugger on you.

But here’s the thing. Maybe it’s time for all those well-grounded, hard-nosed, practically-minded, business-focused types among us started to make a noise.

Saving the planet is no longer the preserve of skygazing hippies, sandal-wearing dreamers, unwashed nature communers or political fringe eco-agitators.

The lastet report from the WWF (no, it’s got nothing to do with muscular men in hairspray and lycra) should stop even the most ardent planet raper in their tracks: Continue reading

Who knew my weekly column was such a mouthful?

Shavers Weekly penis jibe

Shavers Weekly penis jibe

Just as well I’m thick-skinned, eh?

Those over-exuberant young scallywags at Shavers Weekly have speared me with satire in their latest, laugh-a-minute edition.

It would seem they find the weekly column I write for the Daily Record’s Edinburgh Now supplement as something of an unwelcome mouthful.

Everyone likes to be recognised for their work, so clearly this mud slinging comes as a bit of a job blow.

Despite the naughty allegations, I suppose it could have been worse.

After all, the schoolboy humour fuelled magazine labelled my fellow Edinburgh Now columnists as “boring” or “drunk”.

However, it does leave me wondering: just how could they have known about my, ah, special skill?

And with that spoiler out there, how am I possibly going to find an alternative party trick in time for the Christmas season?


Teen Boys Burst Rockstar’s Cheeky BAWSAQ with $1 Billion Gaming Frenzy

BAWSAQ in Grand Theft Auto 5Apart from a short flirtation with a Nintendo handset in the early 1990s, I can’t claim to be a gamer.

Probably just as well. With my anorak tendencies and borderline OCD (I like to call it determination and bloody mindedness) there’s every chance I’d become obsessed.

From there it would be a rapid descent and before long I’d be a chubby, straggly-haired, pop-eyed, socially inept and basement-dwelling cliche (the kind that all gamers were tainted with, before geekery somehow became trendy). Not a good look.

All in all I’ve always been a bit sniffy about ‘video games’. At times I’ve thought the notion of ‘professional gamers’ is an insult to the evolutionary splendour of the opposable thumb. To think, millions of years of in the making and  the pinnacle of natural selection has been achieved to let mumbling teens make a screen flash faster and call it Halo 4. Tchoh. Continue reading